Awesome Street Food to Sink Your Teeth into at Sydney Carnival

The Just Shucked Oyster Bar at Sydney Carnival 2016.

Food, food, food.

A convoy of food trucks are converging on Royal Randwick and Rosehill Gardens racecourses during Sydney Carnival, which if you’re not already clued up on by this point is happening every Saturday from 11 March to 15 April. With so many ridiculously delicious menus to get through, we’ve done the (very hard) work for you and picked out our favourites from the favourites.

N.B. These bad boys are worth the risk of dripping down your shirt or dress.


1. The Brisket Roll from Get in the Q

Get in my belly more like it. This juicy brisket oozes with flavour and is topped with slaw, gherkins and salsa, all on a fresh white roll.

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2. The Chilli Cheese Fries from Nathan’s Famous

Fries smothered in beef chilli and cheese – as if deep fried potato didn’t already taste good enough on its own. God bless America.


3. The ‘Truckin Good Platter’ from The Shuck Truck

Because picking just one thing from The Shuck Truck menu is too hard.

4. The Choc-Banana or Apple Crumble Gyoza from Shisho Fine

Oh dear. Served with vanilla icecream. Just tell yourself you’ll spend the next three days on the rowing machine and get both flavours.

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5. The Chilorio Pork Burrito from Cantina Movil

Cheezy and oozing with chipotle mayo, you’ll find this burrito out performs most you’ve had before.


6. The Margherita Extra from Pizza Da Mario 

Make a bee line to this slick, kitted out pizza container and get your hands on one of their divine margheritas. Wood fired bases that will make you curse out loud.



7. A Choripan from the Caminito truck. 

These chimichurri topped chorizo sausage ‘choripans’ are like a sausage sizzle on crack. The coriander gives the perfect amount of kick and the buns are freshly baked.


8. A Freshly Shucked Oyster from one of the Sydney Oyster Girls

For anyone who’s seen Game of Thrones series, the appearance of the Sydney Oyster Girls might bring to mind a chorus of ‘oysters, clams and cockles!’. They’ve probably heard this before however, so just stick to the business of ordering your fresh, delectable oysters from them. They will take them out of their saddle bag and shuck for you on the spot.

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