Work It | How to Pose For Photos At The Races (Like A Boss)

Image credit: Henri Fanti.

Posing confidently for photos at the races is the key to pulling off a killer look.

At the races when you’re looking your absolute finest, there is just one more critical thing you need to think about to pull your outfit off on the day… And that’s knowing how to pose confidently in photos! It’s probably the last thing you think about, but there’s nothing worse after a day of looking your absolute finest at the track only to have no Instagram worthy photos to post (or missing the opportunity to get a new FB profile picture!).


A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Own it! A confident stance is crucial to pulling off your outfit. Even if you feel a bit camera shy, you’ll do yourself a disservice by letting this come through in photos and slouching or looking awkward. The age old adage of “shoulders up, back and down” is your mantra for the day.
  • Put your drink down (or hand to a friend) before having your photo taken. Having a plastic cup or champagne glass in your hand will majorly detract from your otherwise classy look.


Hands on hips

This a power pose that radiates confidence (whether you’re feeling it or not!). It’s also great for making your arms and shoulders look defined and toned. Stare at the camera straight on or add a little head tilt for a more playful vibe.

Abbey Gelmi at the races  Nicole Trunfio at the races Derby Day Melbourne

Above: Abbey Gelmi (image credit Henrique Fanti) and Nicole Trunfio (image credit Getty).

One hand on hip

This is an easy classic pose that makes you look instantly elegant. It gives you the chance to show off your bag while simultaneously getting that nice defined arm and shoulder on the other side. To nail this look, cross one foot in front of the other, put one hand on your hip. Hold your bag casually by your thigh (ensuring you don’t cover the design or label). Head tilt optional!

white and gold Racing fashion   Classy autumn racing fashion

Images credit Henrique Fanti and Paul McMillan.


Or try it more side on…

By having your body much more side on in this pose you get the chance to show of your curvy side profile. It also naturally promotes a more upright posture due to the need to look over your shoulder to the camera.

Spring racing fashion Royal Randwick Sydney  Classy autumn racing fashion

Images credit Paul McMillan.

Clasp your bag in front of you with both arms

This demure ladylike pose will make you look as sweet and pretty as a picture. Once again cross one foot in front of the other and ensure your body is turned on an angle towards the camera to give you a defined shape, and clasp your bag against your thighs with both hands. If you follow Jodi Anasta’s lead (below right) and turn more side on, it will really show off your shoulder and arm.

Racing fashion Sydney  Jodi Anasta at Magic Millions 2017

Image credit Paul McMillan and Getty. 

Both hands by your side

If you are feeling a little shy, this may be the hardest pose to pull off (in which case you might be best off with one of the others above), but if you’re feeling relaxed and comfortable you can simply rest your arms by your side and face the camera. Stand tall with your shoulders back to pull this one off and either cross your feet or plant one more towards the camera.

Spring racing fashion at Royal Randwick  Spring racing fashion at Royal Randwick

Images credit Paul McMillan. 


Both hands in pockets

Guys have it easy with trouser pockets! They provide an easy solution on what to do with your hands. Stick them in there and smile for an instant win in front of the camera.

Men's racing fashion  Men's racing fashion

Images credit Henrique Fanti.

One hand in pocket

Again, pockets are your friend. Use them!

Men's racing fashion Rosehill Sydney  Men's racing fashion Randwick Sydney

Images credit Henrique Fanti.

Hands by your side

If you’re feeling confident, simply face the camera and let your hands rest by your sides. Let your posture do the talking and stand up straight and own it.

Men's racing fashion Randwick Sydney  Tim Robards racing fashion Randwick Sydney

Images credit Henrique Fanti and Paul McMillan. 


Use your jacket as a prop

Either adjust your jacket with both hands or pretend to adjust your cuff link for a slick, dapper and gentlemanly look!

Men's racing fashion Sydney  Men's racing fashion Sydney

Images credit Henrique Fanti. 

Or clasp both hands in front of you

Stand with your feet apart and your hands clasped in front for an instant dapper look. This pose gives the added bonus of showing off your watch, which will be front and centre and uncovered by your sleeve being pulled away.

Men's racing fashion Sydney

Image credit Paul McMillan. 


And Finally…. How to pose on the end of a group

Don’t be caught out being the awkward book end! Simply push your shoulders back, stand up straight and rest your hand by your side. Girls can use their bag as a prop if feeling like they need something to do with their hand, or another option is throwing your hand on your hip if you’re worried about your arm flattening against your body. Guys can also get more side on for a slimmer side profile look.

racing fashion Sydney  racing fashion Sydney

men pose at the races Sydney

Images Paul McMillan. 


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