What to Wear to The Autumn Races

Your guide to Autumn Dressing for the races

So, for those of us that adore the races, a large part of the preparing for the day is deciding what to wear. In Autumn this can feel tricky, the weather is variable and that means we have to be oh so clever in curating our outfits. As the weather is cooling we need to think about fabrics, colours and prints. It doesn’t have to be frightening, it may not seem as easy as spring dressing but believe me you will have many so options to choose from. So, we have put together a guide to help you find the perfect Autumn Racing Outfit.

Autumn Colors

Autumns golden tones has arrived for fashion in perfect time. Darker tones don’t have to be dull. Rich navy, plums, fuchsia and olive are the perfect choices for the Autumn race season. Of course, black is always stunning and you can add pops of color with your accessories. Choose a color that suits your skin tone and hair. This is as easy as just holding different colors under your chin. If it suits you it will make you smile, if it doesn’t you will look pale. This is the same for jewelry, both silver and gold can look cheap if they clash with your skin tone. Generally, if you suit autumn tones of brown, oranges and greens, then gold works well. If you can carry off blues, pink and reds then silver might be the go for you.


Choose a shape that suits you and you feel comfortable in. Race dressing shouldn’t be about short and tight and be careful not to show too much skin. Remember to be elegant, skirts above the knee are fine, but a mini is not appropriate and you will freeze! The golden rule, if you have lots of décolletage and shoulders showing, keep the length of the skirt a bit longer, asymmetrical hems are very flattering.

If your skirt is shorter you can opt for a higher neck and long sleeves. A top and skirt can work beautifully too. Navy is the color of the season and you can add detail with ribbon ties on shoes, bell sleeves and a combination of sheer and solid fabrics

Lace is always wonderful for adding texture and detail to any outfit. Dresses with long sleeved lace arms are suitable as you show some skin, but not too much.

Bell sleeves are always flattering and if you have a simple shift style dress the bell detail in the sleeve can be all you need. If you keep your dress lengths no shorter that just above the knee you will stay elegant at the races.

Jumpsuits or pant suits?

So now, what about the very on point (or even “on fleek” if you are really on trend!) Jumpsuit? Whether you call them jumpsuits, playsuits or rompers are they suitable for the Autumn races?

Well the answer is “yes”, but only certain shapes. The legs must be long, no shorty overalls here please. Legs will look best slightly wide and either full length or three quarters. If you opt for the three-quarter style, then a gladiator style shoe with heel will dress them up suitably or be super chic with a flat pointed toe mule. If the leg length is long, then a wedge or strappy sandal will be best.

A classic pant suit can also be perfect for the races. A pant suit will need a hat rather than a fascinator. A fascinator will feel like a last minute add on to such an elegant suit.


Make your outfit stand out with attention to detail with carefully selected accessories. Fabulous earrings and a beautiful mini clutch can all give your outfit that special something. Statement earrings work well if your hair is up. A structured hat or a fascinator with clean lines and colour can complete your outfit. Make sure the colour in your head piece picks up colours of your outfit, clutch or shoes. Another piece to consider is a small fluffy wrap, these are perfect to cover your shoulders, keep you warm and put that final finishing touch to you outfit.

Hair and makeup

How you wear your hair will depend a lot on the type of head attire you choose. Your hair should be styled to suit your outfit. A very lacy or floral fascinator often works best with slicked back pony tail or bun. Whereas a broad brimmed hat can look stunning with hair cascading in loose curls. Makeup should be elegant and natural with a pop of colour on those lips and a glow on the cheeks. Remember the golden rule – don’t be too golden with your skin ….be very careful with fake tans in cooler weather, you don’t want to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Have a fabulous time at the races. Parting word of advice …. make sure those fabulous shoes are comfortable.

About the Author

Philippa Clarke is a passionate style influencer and loves everything related to fashion. She is a style curator at ‘Since I Found You’- an online fashion and lifestyle clothing boutique for Australian women. You can often find her preparing fashion guides and style staples both online and off, as she firmly believes ‘portraying yourself best whenever you step out’ is as vital as eating. She also ghostwrites for leading fashion journals and blogs.

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