Two Fashion Bloggers Share Tips for Getting Dressed on Raceday

Tina from Trash to Treasured Blog.

Tina from Trash to Treasured

How do you prep in the lead up for race day?

Attempt to do something sensible like check the weather for race day- but then completely ignore it and wear the outfit i had in mind rain, hail or shine! 

Make sure to put a hair mask through and wash my hair two nights before. It’s much easier to style day old hair, especially if wearing a head piece.

Break in my shoes for the day if I’ve bought a new pair.


How do you approach race day attire on a budget?

Spring Carnival coincides with the start of wedding season and shortly there after: silly season. My approach is to buy a dress that can be worn again for these near future events. Also, there is no need to spend over $50 on a facinator thanks to chain stores stocking a wide range of styles at this time. My pick is Lovisa for both head wear and jewellery.


What do you take in your handbag on raceday?

Credit cards, ID, lippy and that’s about it- not much room in those pretty clutches!


leather and lattes noguchi resting on a wall pic


Andrea from Leather and Lattes

How do you prep in the lead up for race day?

I create a Pinterest board and find some looks I like, then make one up that’s all my own! Then I do a bit of beauty prep like hair treatment and face mask. 

Find the perfect pair of comfy shoes that won’t kill my feet by 3pm in the afternoon.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before.


How do you approach race day attire?

I like trying new brands and designers, but also don’t necessarily spend a fortune. I would try a department store for affordable designers like C/MEO Collective and Bec and Bridge, or otherwise try out H&M to find a unique gem amongst the bargains. Trying a dress on is key so make sure you allow plenty of time if doing online orders!


What do you take in your handbag on raceday?

Cash, Nudestix lip pencil and brow stick for touch ups, a mini perfume and party feet!

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