The Earrings that Make the Outfit

Sao Paulo Fashion Week 2016.

Statement earrings are all the rage right now. Everyone from Aisha Jade to Beyoncé is rocking sparkles and crosses to create super edgy looks. Try our picks of the hottest ear candy available on the market and capitalise on the craze.


Aisha jade wearing cross earrings at The ELLE Style Awards Sydney - Arrivals

Aisha Jade at the ELLE Style Awards.

Jessica Hart earrings, Dior + The Boys' Club Of New York 68th Annual Fall Dance

Jessica Hart attending Dior + The Boys’ Club of New York 68th annual fall dance October 2016.

Beyonce earrings MTV video music awards August 2016 ENTERTAINMENT-US-2016 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS-ARRIVALS

Beyoncé at the the MTV awards August 2016.


Which ones are your favourite?

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