The 9 Hottest Headband Fascinator Styles For The Races (With Shopping Links)

Image credit: Pinterest.

We raided the internet for you and found the hottest headband trends going round, with shoppable links. You’re welcome!

Headbands (or headpieces if you prefer) are just so hot right now. They are showing up in the collections of some of the hottest designers (Dolce and Gabbana we’re looking at you), and are continuing to pop up on the heads of the minx-iest street stylers around the globe at alarming rates. What does this mean for us? Damn good inspo for the races!

Headbands are by far the easiest (and best price-pointed) solution to the question of what to adorn one’s head with at the track. They look amazing, you can take them off and fit them in your handbag on the way home, and they’re versatile – you can wear them with your fave outfit to the club on a Saturday night or to the cafe for brunch on Sunday depending which look you go for. The only downside? Wanting to buy every single one of them.


1. The Turban Headband

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a turban headband at the races turban headband

The turban is that aforementioned headband you can wear to weekend brunch with the girls, as well as the races. Sarah Jessica Parker (above left) demonstrated just how elegant and chic one can look at the track, with voluminous waves and a cocktail in hand.


Try these:

2. The Floral Headband

Alexa Chung wearing a flower headband A girl wearing a flower headband

The floral headband conjures up images of frolicking in a muddy festival ground with denim short shorts and a pair of wellies, which is exactly what you can do with this baby when you’re not wearing it to the races. LBH, it doesn’t look bad with a dress either!

Try these:

3. The Cat (or Bunny) Ears

Bunny Ears Fashion New York Fashion Week

Too cute for words! Kitty or bunny ears make a playful addition to an elegant racing outfit, and you can rest assured they’ll spark plenty of conversations at the track.

Try these:


4. The Metal Headpiece 

Metal headband street style Metal headband street style

Metal headpieces are discreet enough to work with practically anything you put on, and a good investment if you’re planning to attend the races multiple times throughout the year. Again, these work just as well away from the track as they do at it. A metal headpiece can be the perfect statement piece to accompany your favourite street style or date night outfit.


Try these: 

5. The Bow Headband

Bow headband dress Bow headband

One word: Gorgeous. You can’t go past a bow for old fashioned charm and elegance.

Try these: 

6. The Pom Pom

Pom Pom headband Streetstyle Pom Pom Headband fascinator

Pom poms are an adorable craze that have finally made their way onto headbands, and we’re celebrating. In theory you’d think having a few fluffy balls stuck to your head would look ridiculous, though somehow in practice (when styled with the right colours and outfit) they look absolutely divine.

Try these: 

7. The Satin Headscarf

Silk bandana tie streetstyle Silk bandana tie streetstyle

I’ve already said it once in this article but I’ve got to say it again: old fashioned charm. Satin headscarves can do no wrong and somehow seem to immediately transform the wearer into a goddess of yesteryear. Try them with an up-do and statement earrings and you’ll look an absolute treat.

Try these:

8. The Embellished Headband

Eva Mendez embellished headband Dolce and Gabbana embellished headband

Eva Mendez (above left) was perfection in her jewelled headband, and Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring Summer 2017 collection is littered with decadent jewelled crowns worthy of royals. You needn’t take out a loan to buy one though, our beloved ASOS have us covered with many gorgeous wallet-friendly alternatives.

Try these:

9. The Draped Princess Crown

Draped chain headpiece Miroslava Duma with Chanel Embellished draped headband

Drape one of these over your locks and you’ll look and feel like the princess of a long lost civilisation. Fo’ real.

Try these:

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