How To Take The Perfect Trackside Selfie

Photo credit: Paul McMillan

After all that time putting your look together, you want to share. Here’s how to capture an Instagram-able selfie at the races

See the light

Lighting can make all the difference between an instant delete and a keeper. The best natural light comes at the day’s start and end – the softer, more flattering glow of morning or late afternoon sun. You’re more likely to be at the track in the middle hours of the day, though, so take time to seek out an angle where there’s no unsightly glare or shadow, which, if really strong, can alter the shape of your features. Diffused light inside a marquee or restaurant might work best.

Find your backdrop

Racecourses are rich with stages for your fabulousness. Scope out your surroundings, then frame yourself with a flower-bedecked marquee entrance, cool sign, decadent food display – or some other (equally fabulous) racegoers. Even better if your clothes all match!

Look for landmarks

A great selfie shows exactly where you are. Angle the shot so the winning post, starting barrier, grandstand or winners’ enclosure is visible behind you.

Seize the moment

You don’t want to spoil the excitement of your horse racing first past the post by focusing on your phone– but if you’re quick, there’s time to swing the camera round straight afterwards to capture your elation and the emotions of the crowd around you as history’s made.

Respect the horses

Head to the stables and you’ll find opportunities to take a snap of yourself with the gleaming, athletic thoroughbreds in the background – but remember to observe the rules and stay on your side of the railings. Never startle a racehorse with a flash or try to get too close. Listen to the horse’s strapper – they’ll let you know what’s OK.

If in doubt…

There are a lot of precious objects to hold onto at the races; handbag, race book, betting slip, drink, binoculars … so don’t be ashamed to do things it old school way – and ask someone else to take the shot!

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