How to Pull Off Stylish Formal Wear for Men

The Men’s Guide To Dressing For The Races

There’s something special about kicking back a few refreshing beverages with your crew on race day. Each race day offers a chance to mix and mingle and even the thrill of a bet. However, race day isn’t only about friends and speedy thoroughbred horses. Another major aspect of racing is the fashion. With races being around since 1810, the aura around the event is filled with tradition and heritage. Therefore, it is important that you honour the tradition and bring out your best fashion. Check out these tips and trends to ensure all eyes are on you on the big day.

The Formal look

One of the traditional looks for races is the formal suit. Particularly for the more formal events such as Derby Day, there will be a black and white dress code with his rooted in race history, tradition, and classics. For these events, you will want to find an extremely well-fitted black suit and pair it with a white dress shirt and black shoes. You can also add a hint of personality to your outfit with different patterns and accessories. Add a white flower to your lapel or wear a black tie with white polka dots to be different. However, don’t go too bold as this can take away from the formality of the event and the dress code.

The pastel business casual

For some events such as Crown Oaks Day, you can show off some colour. Traditionally known as Ladies Day, Crown Oaks Day embraces romantic aesthetics and a more feminine type of dress. Therefore, it’s time to ditch the classics and break out a more contemporary and creative look. You can try out some pastel colours mixed with floral or playful prints to create a truly expressive outfit. You will want to aim for business casual attire with different coloured jacket and slacks, paired with a uniquely designed tie and an eye-catching pocket square. For your shoes, you’ll want to wear brown over black and check out some brogues or loafers.

Somewhere in between

If you’re more daring, you may want to try mixing it up a little. You can try a more formal look, with matching suit jacket and pants but incorporate some bold colors. Try a blue plaid or striped suit and pair it with a bold tie and matching pocket square. You could also wear a neutral colored suit and pair with a bold dress shirt. Break out the sunglasses and dress shoes for the ultimate “in-between” look.

On race day, the spotlight isn’t only on the horses. Fashion is extremely important and if you dress to impress, all eyes will be on you.

Article by Jennifer Marley

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