Longer Lasting Look For Race Day

Maintaining a fresh face on race day.

Here’s how to ensure your race day look remains on point all day long

Everlasting lipstick

It’s an oldie but a goodie: apply one coat of lipstick then blot gently with a single layer of tissue. While the tissue is across your lips, dust translucent powder on top. This sets the colour and provides incredible staying power.

Big up your hair

If your hair is very fine and styles tend to slip out of it soon after you’ve blow-dried, try wearing ‘second day hair’ to the races and add dry shampoo at the roots for extra volume and body. You can even apply the dry shampoo the night before and sleep in it, so it’s fully worked in. It’s a great aide for updos too, helping the hair to better grip and hold its position.

Firm foundation

Apply moisturiser then wait for five minutes or more while it sinks in before putting on your foundation. Add a layer of translucent powder on top of that, and your triple-threat base should stay put all day.

Eyes on the prize

Use concealer on your eyelids beneath your eye-shadow to bestow crease-free longevity. Some experts recommend using a white eye shadow beneath the top layer to add punch to the colour, too.

Waterproof works wonders

For lashes to remain luscious all day, waterproof mascara is the way to go. You don’t have to shed tears to mess up the look; any moisture – humidity, sweat, rain – can shift the non-waterproof variety.

Put aside the pencil

Liquid is the most durable eyeliner, holding its line like a cavalry charger, while pencils tend to blur and fade. If you’re not a liquid lover, make friends with it just for race day and you won’t waste valuable track time reapplying.

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