The Hipster Gent’s Guide To Racing

A stylish race-goer at Randwick.

So in daily life you’re a hipster. You take your coffee deconstructed; you enjoy artisanal foods; you very possibly wear a beard and get around on a fixie bike. You’re cool.  But how can you effortlessly transition your hipster identity from Bondi or Fitzroy to the racecourse, where certain dress codes and a more classic fashion sense prevail? Here’s our guide.

It’s all about attitude

As every hipster knows, attitude is everything. You wear the clothes with confidence, or the clothes will wear you. After all, how else can an extreme hipster pull off a pair of ironic denim dungarees with a Chanel cape? Although at the track you may need to discard the edgy elements of your regular wardrobe – the hemp sandals, the shorts woven by remote African tribes – to enter the members’ area, if you walk and talk like the hipster you are, you’ll still rock your racing look.

Bring your hip to your suit

These days, there’s plenty more room for individuality in racewear than you might expect. We’ve seen proud men trackside in three-piece suits, top hat, cigar and walking stick. One cool gent wore a monocle to a major race meeting last year. Tweeds, prints, edgy cuts and more adventurous matches are all both hipster-friendly and trackside-appropriate. You can elevate any ensemble with your own personal flair. If you pair a dark sports coat with butter-yellow chinos and top off with brown leather Derby shoes, you’d be more than welcome in any hipster haunt. Make a style statement by colour-blocking your top and bottom half, or play with jarring shades to stand out, and your clothes will let everyone know you’re a thoroughbred of hip.


The devil is in the detail

Hipsters are known for their keen eye for detail and witty play on their surroundings. If your marquee has a pink theme, you might own that space with a wink-nudge pairing of pink-framed spectacles and pink bowtie. If you’re perched on the winning straight, but need to see the race as it progresses, carry a pair of miniature binoculars. If you’re studying the statistics, show off your antique reading glasses. Being yourself in a crowded place makes you stand out – and that’s what a hipster gentleman does best.

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