Have you seen the UNPREDICTAHEEL?

The ultimate raceday shoes are here, the UNPREDICTAHEEL has arrived. Designed by London based shoe designer Kira Goodey, these shoes feature some very clever technology features to ensure your day at the races is the best is can be.

Shoe features:

StyleSwitch™ for different race looks, with talent modelling Unpredictaheel with a gold front, ensuring they are marquee ready with a touch of gold.

ViewBoost™ to ensure talent stands out amongst the crowd in the Moet and Chandon marquee.

DanceSupport™ offers comfortable heel padding for talent, ensuring they are ready to dance the day away in the Moet and Chandon marquee.

MembersPass™ faux croc skin to stand out at Fashions on the Field.

Tap&Go™ will let the talent call herself a car with three taps of her heels, weary after another glamorous Moet and Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day.

BetGuide™ Directs talent from anywhere within the Carnival to the betting ring via left or right turn notifications.

TrackProof™ Thick heel for walking across grass.

RaceAlert™ Alerts talent 2 minutes before each race starts.

Kick&Pay™ NFC chip that lets talent pay with shoe.

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