Easy Beauty Prep for Raceday

Self Tannning At Home

Hair treatment

Hair treatment a few days before is a good idea to refresh tied locks and getting them looking nice and shiny. That said, dry shampoo is also a saviour on race day!

Face Mask

A face mask can really make a difference and is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to give your skin an instant boost. Apply mask the night before and sit for 5-10 minutes whilst it dries. Use a warm washer to wipe off the mask, and moisturise. You will feel a million bucks afterwards!


Well-kept nails are important for looking chic and polished at the races. Shellac is always a good option as it doesn’t chip. Go for a neutral in spring like white or beige, and try something darker in winter like cherry or a black based purple.


Tan is obviously optional thing as some people look better without one! If you are going to fake tan or spray tan make sure you do it a few days before so the colour isn’t too intense on the day. It can give you a beautiful glow and compliment a colourful dress.


Single lashes are great for raceday. They’re they same length of a normal fake lash strip, but without the ‘dolly’ look. They provide a beautiful natural look which will ultimately amplify your whole makeup look. Strategically place individual lashes to make yours look more full- you’ll be surprised with the difference they can make!

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