DIY Race Day Hairstyles Brought to you by TONI&GUY

It’s that season again where you’ve got the dress, you’ve got the shoes, but what on earth are you going to do with your hair?!

You want something that’s going to last; perhaps something new? Let’s be honest, it’s our biggest fashion accessory!

If you’re keen for a little DIY, here’s my easy guide for a race ready voluminous ponytail. (Even better, it works great on unwashed hair!)

  1. Add a few curls to your hair to add to the volume.

  2. Take a triangle section from the outside of your eyebrow to just below your crown or lower, (depending on where you want you ponytail to be) and clip this out of the way.

  3. Pull the underneath section into a ponytail just below the point of your triangle section. Secure with an elastic.

  4. For the top section – spray some label.m Texturising Volume Spray into sections. Lightly tease from roots to mid-length, leaving out any fringe sections you may want down.

  5. Lightly brush back into shape. Secure a second ponytail, just above the first and loosen to create more texture through the top.

  6. Wrap a piece of hair around both ponytails to combine as one and secure with a bobby pin.

  7. Finish with label.m Weightless Hairspray.


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