5 Ways to Revitalise in the Lead Up To Race Day

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At carnival time, there’s plenty you can do in between race days to back up your beauty, so you return to trackside sleeker and fresher than ever

Reboot your body

Celebrities swear by the latest health craze for re-energising an over-exerted body: the intravenous drip. Recommended as a swift delivery system for vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and hydration, the drips are administered by medical professionals in medispas and clinics springing up in CBDs.

Knead it now

Nothing beats a good deep massage to revive tired, achy muscles. Race days can be so exciting you forget to sit down, and that can be tough on your feet, calves and hamstrings – especially if you favour heels. Book in for at least an hour of remedial massage between race meetings.

A fresher face

All those bubbles and a few late nights can play havoc with your skin. Make sure you drink plenty of water on your days away from the track, and book a hydrating facial to restore your skin to its dewy best.

Move it

Exercise gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing – resulting in the world’s best free skin treatment. Banish sluggishness by walking, running or a gym session to maximise that healthy glow when you head back trackside.

Sweet sleep

Good quality sleep is one of the greatest kindnesses you can show your body. Make sure you get your eight hours and then some on those days between race meetings, so your body can handle all that wonderful playtime when the action resumes.

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