5 Minutes with a Stylish Trainer’s Wife

Steph Waller with husband Chris Waller celebrating her 40th birthday

Stephanie Waller, wife of champion Sydney trainer Chris Waller (trainer of the legendary Winx) is no first timer to a racecourse. As mother of two children Steph leads a busy life as a mum and wife from their home in Western Sydney. Glamming up comes naturally to this blonde beauty after over 20 years as a full-time international model.


How involved are you in racing?

Not as much as I used to be! Before we had children I was more hands on with things like organising jockeys’ silks for race days but these days I’m too busy organising the kids! I used to go every weekend but now it’s down to just the bigger days.


What’s your favourite designer to wear on race-days?

I honestly don’t have one! If I like something and it feels good then I’m happy.


How long does it typically take you to plan a racing outfit for a big carnival?

Not too long at all. I usually get my dresses out of season so I find my favourites on sale and have them in my wardrobe ready to go. It means I’m not on trend with the latest styles but it’s never bothered me. If I feel comfortable in something, that’s all that matters. I have quite a selection of head pieces at home from over the years and a couple of amazing milliners who can put something together for me pretty quickly if need be, as I usually leave things until the last minute!


What’s your best tip for looking great all day?

Be confident in what you’re wearing and pick comfortable shoes. There’s nothing worse than walking like a new born foal.


What do you take in your handbag?

I always tend to carry a lot with me, so I need a large bag. I could never go racing with a clutch! I usually take my wallet, form guide, lip gloss, make up, phone, plus fold up flat shoes in case I have to run to a plane later. I always make sure I have a spare pair of stockings, sunglasses and chewing gum (very bad habit of mine).


Where’s your favourite racecourse in the world?

I loved Royal Ascot in the UK. It’s amazing and such an experience. If I had to choose one in Australia though it would be Rosehill Gardens racecourse in Sydney. It’s close to home and I just love a fun day out there with friends.


And lastly, what has been your favourite moment in Australian racing? 

I loved watching Black Caviar race. Plus, every time I’m at the track and we have a winner I get pretty excited! Standouts would be watching our first Group 1 win with a horse called Triple Honour. Rangirangdoo was a favourite as well and more recently watching Winx, who is taking us on the ride of our lives!

Stephanie Waller hugging husband Chris after a victory at Derby Day, Flemington 2012.

Celebrating her 40th birthday with husband Chris Waller.

From above top:
Stephanie Waller hugging husband Chris after a victory at Derby Day.
Flemington 2012. Celebrating her recent 40th birthday with husband Chris.
During an ad campaign for clothing label Johnny Dexter.

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