The 5 Best Champagne Cocktails for Race Day

Bellini (champagne and peach cocktail)

It’s the drink of choice for race days, but did you know there are endless different ways to enjoy your bubbles? Champagne blends beautifully with a number of liqueurs and even just placing a fresh strawberry in your glass can add a tasty new twist to the world’s favourite party drink. Have fun trying these five classic Champagne cocktails.



Champagne Cocktail

Easy and decadent, this classic cocktail adds a dash of sweetness to your celebratory tipple – and it’s easy enough to make at home. Simply soak a sugar cube with a few drops of Angostura bitters, place it in your flute, then pour in very cold Moët & Champagne on top (because only the finest will do!). Some also like to add a splash of brandy or cognac. Either way, it’s delicious.


Kir Royale
This mix of Champagne and the sweet blackcurrant liqueur Crème de Cassis results in a pretty blush-coloured cocktail. Served in a flute, it should be a delicate-hued, pale pink.

(Above: Kir Royale).


The French 75
Another classic, this combo of gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup marries the toasty flavours of Moët Champagne with the zing of citrus. Your bartender might prefer to serve it in a coupette instead of a flute.


Black Velvet
The presence of the famous Irish stout Guinness in this cocktail makes it a top bubbly drink pick for the boys. Perhaps adding dark beer to a traditionally elegant, feminine tipple somehow ups the macho factor. It’s a simple 50/50 mix of Champagne and Guinness. Matches a tweed jacket perfectly.


The Champagne Julep
A favourite toast at the Kentucky Derby, which takes place in the heart of Bourbon country, this Deep South concoction merges bourbon with Champagne, mint leaves and syrup and looks gorgeous with a fresh mint garnish. Refreshingly perfect for long, sunny Spring Carnival afternoons.


Bellini (champagne and peach cocktail).


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