3 Lifesaver Hairstyles You Can Count On

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You’ve got the frock, shoes and bag. But when it comes to your hair, you’ve run out of ideas and time. Don’t worry – with these three basics up your sleeve, you can’t go wrong!


Braid it

There are very few hair crises that can’t be rescued by a simple braid (or two, or three). Dirty hair, a disastrous cut, the frizzies or limp locks can all be banished in seconds by just plaiting your locks. Braids are still on-trend and a quick flick through celeb styles will inspire you with everything from messy, fat plaits for a boho-meets Frozen vibe to intricate French braiding and cornrows for an edgier look. Braids can also sculpt your tresses into exactly the right shape to show off your hat, fascinator or hair ornament, and they’ll stay put all day long.


Number one bun

Want instant sophistication without fuss, spending or skill? Pull out those bobby pins and bring on the bun. Sleek and low suits a wide-brimmed hat, one-sided at the nape can provide symmetry for your fascinator, and high with a fabulous ornament allows you to go hatless and make your ‘do the feature instead. Lashings of hairspray will keep it in place.


Slick n’ smooth

For shorter styles, bobs and ‘lobs,’ there’s no easier solution than a slicked back style. And the genius part of this lifesaver is that you can achieve it with leave-in conditioner, which nourishes your hair while you rock the ‘do. Use it the way you would gel, spreading it through the hair and combing back from the face,then secure with hairspray. Sits well under a hat, or with a fascinator or adornment – and once you wash it off you’ll have super soft hair. We love a win-win at the races.

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