Lipstick for the Races | The 4 Hottest Shades We’re Loving this Autumn Winter

Image credit: Henri Fanti.

If minimum game for maximum gain is your race day approach, there is no better beauty boost than a banging lippie.

The perfect pout can change the look of your entire outfit and with this in mind, check out our thoughts on the hottest shades this autumn and winter. Just don’t forget to squeeze one into your race day clutch for regular touch ups throughout the day to keep you looking fresh.


Channel your inner goth

Headlining runways around the globe, the dark cherry lip colour variation is a bold and beautiful statement. Match with a sharp and structured outfit, or create a statement edge to a more casual dress and show that you mean business. Use a lip liner to ensure you nail this full lip look.


The old classic that keeps on giving

You’re always investing well when you purchase a red lipstick. With an array of colour options within the classic category, this look says feminine little sex kitten all in one! Plus, the contrast usually makes your teeth look fabulously bright.


I woke up like this

There’s no better way to let your outfit do the talking than a complementary nude or matte colour. This colour choice suggests a more natural approach and often accentuates the rest of your makeup and natural facial qualities like eyes and skin tone. Opt for a gloss and loosen up around the edges to create a blended look.


Awesomely autumnal

To the untrained eye, a matchy-matchy approach across the autumn colour wheel of browns, beiges and blush, can be the perfect way to dress up your race day look. Find a tone that compliments the colours within your outfit and present utterly polished.

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